Plants of Central Asia: Plant Collections from China and Mongolia, Volume 8b: Genus Oxytropis

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Srikantha Murthy, K. Still, J. Environmental impact and health hazards, Complementary Therapies in Medicine 11, pp. Taube, M. Tenzin Dakpa Tibetan Medicinal Plants. Thapa, V. The Plant List Version 1. Tian, S.

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Tsarong, T. Unnikrishnan, P. Van Schaik, S. What lies behind the name Tong kun? Galambos ed. Galambos Manuscripts and Travellers. Verma, A. Prasad Bioactive component, cantharidin from Mylabris cichorii and its antitumor activity against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma, Cell Biology and Toxicology 28 3 , pp. Wang, B.

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Yuan, C. Wang, F. Huang, D. Wujastyk, D. Yi, C. He, L. Kuang The utilization of insect-resources in Chinese rural area, Journal of Agricultural Science 2 3 , pp. Yoeli-Tlalim, R. Early Tibetan medicine from Dunhuang, in B. Dotson, I. Roesler eds , Tibetan and Himalayan Healing. Yonten Gonpo, Y. The Subsequent Tantra. Zhang, C. Cheng The utilization and industrialization of insect resources in China, Entomological Research 38 1 , pp. Zhang, L.

Zhang, S. Zimmermann, F. All authors agree that is a kind of grasshopper but disagree which it is exactly. A few prefer the Oxya chinensis Thunberg. Most identify it as Patanga japonica Bolivar.

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In the opinion of Luo , one has to distingusih between a common grasshopper cha ga pa and the grasshopper of the valleys rong cha ga pa. The former is the Patanga japonica and the latter a cicada. Oxya chinensis Thunberg. Patanga japonica Bolivar. Zhongguo kexue yuan xibei gaoyuan shengwu yanjiusuo , p. Patanga japonica Bolivar cha ga pa 2. Cryptotympana pustulata Fabricius rong cha ga pa.

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Luo , p. One scholar gives the family of water beetles. Others are more specific and identify it as Cybister tripunctatus orientalis Gschwendtner which is a synonym for Cybister tripunctatus lateralis Fabricius. Parfionovitch et al. Cybister tripunctatus orientalis Gschwendtner. All scholars are in agreement that the bird called gowo is the Gypaetus barbatus hemachalanus Hutton, p. Gypaetus barbatus hemachalanus Hutton.

There is a generel consensus that gyakyek is the lac insect or the lac itself. It seems that a few authors regard the term as pointing out to the host plant. Laccifer lacca Kerr. Xizang deng weishengju , p. Yang Jingsheng and Chucheng jiangcuo , p. Qinghaisheng yaopin jianyan suo , vol. Pasang Yonten Arya , p. Clark , p. Laccifer lacca. Thinley Gyatso and Hakim , p.

Eriolaena spp. Aegypius monachus Linnaeus. Himalayan vulture. Modern authors disagree about which species jangpa refers. Some are of the opinion that jangpa is Mylabris phalerata Pallas, but others identify it with Mylabris cichorii Fabricius. Two scholars give both species.

Furthermore, the author of one publication prefer not to specify it further, p. Mylabris sp. Mylabris phalerata Pallas. Mylabris cichorii Fabricius. The term jelep sertra can be rendered as yellow mottled butterfly. There exist other Tibetan terms for butterfly as well such as chemalep phye ma leb , which can also denote a moth. Occassionally one also finds the term jetak bye stag which can be used as a synonym for both terms.

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Some Western authors writes that it might mean any butterfly. Other are more specific and identify it as the common yellow swallowtail, the eastern pale clouded yellow, or the high-altitude butterfly Parnassius imperator. One author provides two identifications. Papilio machaon L. Colias erate Esper. Qinghaisheng yaopin jianyan suo , p. Parnassius imperator musageta Grum-Grshimailo. Rnam rgyal thar , p. Colias erate Esper bye leb ser khra 2. Parnassius imperator musageta Grum-Grshimailo bye stag khra bo. The opinions vary with regard to its identification.

Some think it is the dung beetle Scarabaeus sacer , whereas others state that it is the stink bug Aspongopus chinensis Dallas is a synonym for Coridius chinensis Dallas.

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  • Several scholars, however, prefer the identification of a wingless cockroach. One author gives two identification but without specifying it further. Scarabaeus sacer. Aspongopus chinensis Dallas. Eupolyphaga sinensis Walker. In the literature on Tibetan materia medica , there is an agreement that the kyiwa plant belongs to the genus Sophora. Some of the scientific names represent synonyms. Sophora moorcroftiana var. Sophora davidii Franch.

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    Sophora moorcroftiana Benth. Bod rang skyong ljongs gsar brje u yon lhan khang gi 'phrod bsten cus , p.