Mass No. 2 in G Major, D167: No. 1, Kyrie

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Therese Grob sang the soprano solo parts. Schubert and her family were close friends, and Schubert had even had hopes of marrying Therese after a successful application for a position.

The mass in F-Major is rather opulently arranged: a choir in four parts, soloists, strings, organ and a group of winds with clarinets, oboes, horns, bassoons, trombones and trumpets. The early Mass in G-Major has always been a favourite with the experts. The key appears to have been particularly convenient for Schubert, and it is surely the most traditionally folksy one, perhaps even more so than the 'herder's key' of F Major. With the most economical means - at first only the strings and the organ were planned to be used, Schubert later added timpani and trumpets - the composer achieves extraordinary effects.

The intensity of this sacred arrangement is mainly found in its simplicity, the modest, personal experiencing of religious contemplation.

Schubert, F. - Schubert: Masses Nos. 1-6; German Mass

The Mass in G-Major was written in and was intended for a performance in the parish church of Lichtental. In contrast to the performance of the Mass in F Major, there is no proof that the performance really took place. His early compositions for masses are not quite free of Haydn's influence, whose masses Schubert himself had sung at Lichtental.

Especially Haydn's 'Harmony Mass' appears to have made a lasting impression on Schubert. There are several indications of this in the Mass in B flat major, occasionatly even direct copies in the music. The unusually portato tempo of the Kyrie might be a reference to Haydn's work, and the dotted rhythm of the first choir passage in Haydn's mass is echoed by a like passage in Schubert's music.

In autumn of , Schubert's brother Ferdinand wrote from Pressburg after having visited Hainburg, the town where Joseph Haydn had studied music with his cousin: ' The former invited me to his service taking place on the following Sunday, the fourth day of my stay. And when I asked him what mass he would be doing, he replied: a very beautiful one, by a popular and famous composer, but I just cannot remember the name right now.

And now, what mass was it?

If you had just been with me, I know you would have enjoyed this too, for it was your B flat Mass! In , he wrote in a letter to his parents that he never"forced [himself] to prayer". Nevertheless, he wrote almost 39 works of sacred music showing anything but cool distance. One sometimes has the impression as if Schubert attempted to give his personal piety and his individual faith an equally personal space in his works of sacred music.

Babel Simon Joly Chorale.

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Symphony of Psalms: I. Psalm 38, verses 13 and 14 Simon Joly Chorale. Symphony of Psalms: II. Psalm 39, verses 1 to 5 Simon Joly Chorale. Symphony of Psalms: III. Psalm entire Simon Joly Chorale. Lord, Thou hast been our refuge The Elora Singers. O vos omnes The Elora Singers. O clap your hands The Elora Singers. O taste and see The Elora Singers. O how amiable arr.

Brubaker : O how amiable The Elora Singers.

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Mass, Op. Suite, Op. Grande Messe des Morts: II.

Schubert Mass in G Vocal Score : Choraline

Introitus: Requiem aeternam - Grave Roberta Invernizzi. Introitus: Te decet hymnus - Allegro moderato Roberta Invernizzi. Grande Messe des Morts: IV. Introitus: Exaudi orationem meam - Largo Roberta Invernizzi. Grande Messe des Morts: V. Graduale: Requiem aeternam - Grave Roberta Invernizzi. Grande Messe des Morts: VI. Graduale: Fuga - Et lux perpetua Roberta Invernizzi. Sequentia: Dies irae - Grave maestoso Roberta Invernizzi. Grande Messe des Morts: IX. Sequentia: Mors stupebit - Allegro Roberta Invernizzi. Grande Messe des Morts: X.

Sequentia: Quid sum miser - Lento Roberta Invernizzi. Grande Messe des Morts: XI. Sequentia: Recordare - Largo Roberta Invernizzi. Sequentia: Inter oves - Allegretto Roberta Invernizzi. Sequentia: Confutatis - Allegro molto Roberta Invernizzi. Sequentia: Oro supplex - Grave Roberta Invernizzi. Grande Messe des Morts: XV. Sequentia: Lacrymosa - Grave Roberta Invernizzi.

Sequentia: Judicandus - Grave Roberta Invernizzi. Offertorium: Vado et non revertar - Largo Roberta Invernizzi. Grande Messe des Morts: XX.

Cedant hostes: Allegro Roberta Invernizzi. Sanctus: Maestoso Roberta Invernizzi. Pie Jesu: Largo Roberta Invernizzi. Agnus Dei: Moderato Roberta Invernizzi. De Profundis The Elora Singers. The Beatitudes The Elora Singers. Magnificat The Elora Singers. Missa Te Deum laudamus in honour of S. Navidad Nuestra Our Nativity : I. La anunciacion The Annunciation Manuel Melendez. La peregrinacion The Pilgrimage Manuel Melendez. El nacimiento The Nativity Manuel Melendez. Los pastores The Shepherds Manuel Melendez.

Navidad Nuestra Our Nativity : V.

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La huida The Flight Manuel Melendez. Missa Luba arr. Haazen : Kyrie Christal Rheams. Haazen : Gloria Christal Rheams.

Schubert & Gounod: Messe G-Dur, Cäcilienmesse

Haazen : Credo Christal Rheams. Haazen : Sanctus Christal Rheams. Haazen : Agnus Dei Christal Rheams.

Schubert: Masse No.2 In G, D.167 - 1. Kyrie

Misa Criolla arr. Segade : Kyrie Jose Sacin.