Conquering Depression

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Super simple, fun, practical. And then there is crazy good. As with all of Steve's books, this one is packed with wisdom. Dreams, Game vs. Shame, and making life an experiment.

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  5. Conquering Depression.

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The Six Key Lessons I Learned From Conquering Depression

After five years of suffering from depression, I realized that I had the ability to escape the identity-trapping nature of being in a small, closed community when I graduated from high school. The combination of deep reflection, seeing a therapist and talking through my challenges with two of my closest friends enabled me to pinpoint the underlying identity issues that contributed to my extreme unhappiness. While I still had some unresolved issues, within several months of graduating from high school, I was able to return to a positive mental state.

Now that I am free, I realize that the pain and suffering in my past shows me that I possess the strength to power through what then felt like insurmountable obstacles. Now I know I have the power to transform myself, and return to a happy place. When I entered this dark phase of my life and I lost my closest friends, I learned a valuable lesson: cherish those who will stand by me in my worst times.

This is a lesson that was reinforced when I worked with a number of shady people in the urban music industry. As a result of my experiences, I now focus my energy on building and developing deep bonds with people whom I believe to be loyal and genuine. Compared to many peers, I have fewer friends from high school and college, but I value that my friends are unconditional sources of support and will always be there for me, as I will be there for them.

Some of my strongest friendships were permanently solidified when I came to their aid, or they came to mine. In high school, all I wanted was to be liked and accepted by others. During my first year in college I made the decision that it was far too dangerous to tie my happiness to the opinions of others.

click In my experience, nowhere is human conformity more obvious than during freshman year of college. At USC, as a 21 year old first year student living in the freshman dorms, I had the unique opportunity to witness insecure 18 and 19 year olds do everything in their power to be accepted by their peers. I watched as these freshman from all over the country or the world adopted Los Angeles hairstyles, slang and fashion within months of arriving on campus.

At Amherst College, where I spent a few months before USC, students similarly conformed to the New England prep school culture that dominated that school.