Challenges and Innovation in Hedge Fund Management

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This article will explore why asset management firms are seeking out opportunities to harness the benefits of blockchain and the key challenges for adopting this technology.

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Furthermore, it will highlight near-term practical applications of and approaches to blockchain innovation. Benefits of blockchain Blockchain technology, which functions as a shared record or distributed ledger, is highly flexible and has a number of potential use cases within the asset management lifecycle see Fig.

Once implemented, it can be used to streamline management of portfolios, speed clearing and settlement of trades, and ease compliance burdens associated with anti-money laundering AML and know your customer KYC. It can eliminate redundant functions, reduce operational expenses and increase opportunities to enhance the client experience.

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While hedge fund managers may not use blockchain technology to replace current systems, they will find it can be leveraged to reconcile information across existing platforms or enable new infrastructure for new markets and products. See Fig. Challenges of blockchain Asset managers are still in the early stages of exploring blockchain and its applications to the business.

In fact, many practitioners are not yet familiar with the way blockchain works or how to reap its benefits. Other barriers to widespread adoption include data privacy and the high cost of replacing legal infrastructures.

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Potential blockchain applications for hedge funds Blockchain is no doubt a difficult topic to understand, and determining a good business strategy for its applications is even more challenging. For hedge funds specifically, blockchain will likely start out as an internal solution to track investors and ownership without relying on a fund administrator. Rather than stacks of paperwork and manual mechanisms for monitoring complex ownership structures and subsequent changes, portfolio managers can use a distributed ledger to manage ownership of complex assets and investment vehicles in real-time.

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Investors can securely check their holdings and investment allocations whenever they want, and hedge fund managers can drastically reduce the time required to assemble complex statements or performance reports. And as more and more firms originate their assets on distributed ledger technology, the easier and safer it will be to invest in these assets. AIM work closely with several universities supporting the quantitative research.

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The research paper we are currently working on is about real time forecasting of energy demand using data at different frequencies. This is done by model averaging and relying on different weighting techniques to select and average the forecasting models.

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    Hedge fund managers embrace innovation amid industry challenges and increased competition

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