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May I use this bio?

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I'm having him face Ren Amamiya. That is gonna be interesting, go for it my dude. Also since u did a bio for Alpha just wondering how about 1 for Neo against Miki Sayaka? By the way this is very pushing it but remember in 1 episodes of Gokaiger quite early?

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When Gokai Blue fight a space swordsmen n after beaten he start to train to overcome him? By training in the wood? Well that monster of the week was able to cut 3 skyscraper easily just for a show, I am not kidding check that episode again XD. So consider Gokai Blue is kind same stats as Gokai Red he himself can also casually did that with just his base form.

Also lol about no holding back I have no idea if that can count as weakness? XD It sure help him 1 up those who underestimate their opponents? Huh maybe he should fight Ben 10 XD.

It means that he can fling himself into trouble because of his lack of restraint And yes, the sword cutting feat is taken into account. I wonder who he could fight. Versaility is very helpful for this ranger. Oh very much so, not to mention being able to access the super forms of red rangers makes him even stronger.

Great work.

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The debut episode of the long anticipated Captain Marvelous!

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