Austronesian Soundscapes: Performing Arts in Oceania and Southeast Asia (AUP - IIAS Publications)

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Pages: Size: Read Online. In the Pyrenees mountains near Carcassonne, Alice, a volunteer at an archaeological dig, stumbles into a cave and makes a startling discovery-two crumbling skeletons, strange writings on the walls, and the pattern of a labyrinth. Eight hundred years Like any year-old, Yuki Sakane is looking forward to Christmas when her peaceful world is suddenly shattered by the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Uprooted from her home and shipped with thousands of West Coast Japanese Americans to a desert concentration With his well-known idiosyncrasies and aphoristic style, Friedrich Nietzsche is always bracing and provocative, and temptingly easy to dip into. Michael Tanner's introduction to the philosopher's life and work examines the numerous ambiguities inherent The orig CliffsNotes study guides offer expert commentary on major themes, plots, characters, literary devices, and historical background.

The Inclusive Development Agenda in Practice in South-East Asia

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It discusses the Platonic bases of the aesthetics of Plotinus and the Plotinian bases of the aesthetics of The definitive biography of the controversial Nobel Prize-winning philosopher, mathematician, anti-war activist, and "free love" advocate.

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Moorehead makes use of unpublished letters and papers and many new interviews to fashion an incisive biography of A new translation of the poems of sixth-century Celtic bard and shaman Taliesin that reveals the mysteries of Druidic practices. Since its pub in , scholars throughout the humanities have adopted G M A Grube's masterful translation of the Republic as the edition of choice for their study and teaching of Plato's most influential work.

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Brienen and Margaret A. Contents pt. The transformation of history : Painting the conquest of Mexico. Effects of invasion : death and conquest. Conquest of Mexico paintings, the Kislak collection, Library of Congress. Brienen, Margaret A. Clark and Mary E. The symposium was held September in Washington"--T. Pye, John E. Clark, Mary E. Pope House ; W. Henderson House ; Baer House Summary Over the course of a career that spanned forty-five years, William Wilson Wurster designed hundreds of residences up and down the West Coast. Like Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, with whom Wurster maintained a close professional exchange, Wurster blends modernism with the vernacular.

Wurster described these homes as "frames for living": spaces that could be fully transformed by the occupant to meet their needs and desires, well-designed canvases for homemaking. Peters, FAIA, draw upon extensive historical research as well as personal relationships with Wurster to tell the story of his career, including both residential and institutional building.

The Houses of William Wurster features new and archival footage of thirty-three of the architect's best-known houses and includes a foreword by Donlyn Lyndon. Along with Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and others, Parker transformed jazz into a virtuosic music focused on the soloist and ensemble conversation. Jack Kerouac eulogized him—"Charley [sic] Parker Looked like Buddha"—and Bird was worshipped as an artistic god by a generation of musicians and hip bohemians.

Austronesian Soundscapes : Performing Arts in Oceania and Southeast Asia

Parker died at age thirty-four after years of heroin addiction. This new biography, the first by a professional jazz scholar and performer, presents a huge amount of never-before-published material, including interviews with Coltrane, documents in his handwriting, photos, genealogical documents, and innovative musical analysis that offers a fresh view of Coltrane's genius.

Compiled from scratch with the assistance of dozens of Coltrane's colleagues, friends, and family, John Coltrane: His Life and Music corrects numerous errors from previous biographies. The significant people in Coltrane's life were re-interviewed, yielding new insights; some were interviewed for the first time ever. The musical analysis, which is accessible to the nonspecialist, makes its own revelations - for example, that some of Coltrane's well-known pieces are based on previously unrecognized sources.

The appendix is the most detailed chronology of Coltrane's performing career ever compiled, listing scores of previously unknown performances from the s and early s. Performer s : Balkan Rhythm Band. Call for appointment. Fax: Email: rinzlerarchives si. Jazz vocals, ensembles, piano music, and blues. Program notes by the compiler with bibliography 46 p. Williams ; B. Smith ; A. Johnson James P. Lombardo ; C.

Williams ; R. Sour ; J. Green ; E. Whiting ; N. Simons ; G. McHugh ; C. Evans ; W. Louis toodle-oo ; New East St. Duke ; I.

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Gillespie ; C. Schwartz ; H. Kirkland ; S. Weston ; A.

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